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Congratulations on reaching Sultana Barbecue’s home on the web! From this corner of the internet, we bring to you a treasure trove of trivia, a fountain of facts and a compendium of knowledge.

Sultana Barbecue are publishers of interesting and informative online resources. You can join Bob the Alien and his dog for an exciting voyage of discovery around space in Bob the Alien’s Tour of the Solar System or you can fill your head with bundles of useless useful pieces of information in Ten Facts About….

Hidden up our sleeves are ideas galore for other additions to Sultana Barbecue’s network of online resources. So bookmark this page to make sure you come back to discover what they are. And while you are here now, you might as well have a look around our site to find out what we currently have on offer, what we are all about and what news we have to report. You can also contact us with any suggestions, feedback, questions, moans or general chit-chat.

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