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If you're looking to find out about Sultana Barbecue, you're in the right place! This page has rather conveniently been titled "About Sultana Barbecue" and provides information about, guess what, Sultana Barbecue!

Sultana Barbecue were set up in September 2010 and are based in Staffordshire, UK. We produce a range of interesting and informative online resources. These resources are designed to be accessible to all and easy to understand. We don't want to over-complicate what we produce, nor do we want to over-simplify it. And, most importantly, we don't take our subject matters too seriously and we attempt to add a touch of humour wherever appropriate, with varying degrees of success!

This site provides information about the resources that Sultana Barbecue produce. Some of our resources will be hosted on this site whereas others (such as Bob the Alien's Tour of the Solar System and Ten Facts About...) are hosted on their own dedicated websites. We aim to build up a collection of resources spanning a wide range of subjects, ultimately making Sultana Barbecue a handy and convenient place to visit for all your information needs!

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions for Sultana Barbecue, please get in touch using our wonderful contact us form.

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