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Sultana Barbecue's Privacy and Cookies Policy

Sultana Barbecue takes the privacy of our visitors and the visitors to our sites very seriously. This page details the kind of personal information that we receive and how it is used.

Visitor Logs

Like many other Web sites, Sultana Barbecue receives information about your visit to the site in order to monitor the performance of the site and analyse visitor trends. The information received includes your internet protocol (IP) address, internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.), operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.), date, time and length of visit, referring and exit pages, any applicable search engine queries and information about your movement around the site. None of the information received reveals any personally identifiable information about you.



We appreciate your feedback and queries about this site and invite you to send this to us by email. You are free to disclose whatever information you would like in your emails to us and you can be guaranteed that none of this information will be sold, distributed or viewed by a third party.


Facebook and Twitter

Sultana Barbecue has both a Facebook page and a Twitter page. If you wish to, you are able to follow us on either (or both!) of these services. Facebook and Twitter are third party services and require you to register an account using your personal details. Depending on your privacy settings, your details (including name and profile picture) may be visible to Sultana Barbecue and other visitors to our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you have any concerns about your privacy if using either of these services, you are advised to refer to their respective terms of use and privacy policies. 



This website does not make use of cookies. However, some of the websites that we produce may use cookies, primarily to serve third party advertising. You can find out about each of our site's use of cookies by viewing their own privacy and cookies policies.


External Links

This website is primarily a portal to provide information about Sultana Barbecue and access to the websites that Sultana Barbecue produces. The information contained in this privacy policy also applies to the sites that we produce but each site contains additional site-specific policies. Please view the Privacy Policies of those sites for more information. Once you leave Sultana Barbecue's site or any of the sites that we produce, any sites that you visit will not be governed by our privacy policies. If you have any concerns about how they use any data that you provide, we recommend that you view the privacy policies of the site that you are visiting.